Unique Responsible Gaming Technology Introduced in Greece

April 14, 2010

Athens, April 14, 2010 – Techlink Entertainment (based in Canada) today formally introduced its unique Gameplan™ technology in Greece. The technology roll-out happened against the backdrop of rapidly escalating public conversation throughout Greece on the formulation of a regulatory framework for electronic gaming.
Techlink Entertainment is an industry leader in responsible gaming technology. Gameplan™ is a fully integrated product that includes a powerful central system. It is able to be incorporated into virtually any gaming network despite equipment make and model and interfaced with virtually all types of electronic gaming machines.
An advanced centralized management control system (SOGORO™) provides a unique technological platform that allows players to access crucial operating information through an electronic card (GAMEPLAN responsible gaming). Key current and historical information about game play provides real time information to players who otherwise find themselves wagering in a vacuum. Because of the availability of the information the tendency toward impulsive play is noticeably mitigated. Chances of the player finding himself/herself in a compromised position are greatly reduced. With the reduction in risk comes a lessening of cases where wagering leads to personal harm and injury.
This technology is like a seat belt mechanism on cars. It allows the player to set limits on time or money without taking away the satisfaction provided by this kind of entertainment. At the same time, it is a mechanism that allows the state regulator to control the illegal gaming market as it becomes a significant source of revenues, especially during this period. Finally, this technology forms the moral dimension of gaming as it offers safeguards for the use of games by minors and also the addiction that these games can cause along with resultant social risk.
Speaking at a media briefing in Athens, President of Techlink Entertainment Mr John Xidos said: “Greece pays huge fines to the European Union because of its inability to control the use of illegal games. We have been studying the Greek gaming market since 2002, because we understand that the government wants to end this unusual situation. Consideration is being given to the development of a new legislative framework for technical and gambling games. We have a proven technology appropriate to market regulation.
With a proven, functional and socially advanced responsible gaming technology like that offered by Techlink the State can address illegal gaming, prevent corruption, mitigate the social risks of addiction, and increase revenues by establishing relative taxation of gambling activities.
Developed countries openly acknowledge that gambling is a form of taxation with significant revenue potential. As a result, instead of prohibiting gambling, modern governments have adopted measures for the successful control of such activities.
Today, in our opinion, there is a clear dilemma for the State: either to accept and turn a blind eye to an uncontrolled illegal gaming environment or to establish the regulations and measures required to benefit society in a way that ensures the welfare of the citizens and balances out any social and economic concerns, together with the useful tax revenues in such difficult times”.

For more information, please contact:
John Xidos
President & CEO
Techlink Entertainment
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About Techlink:
Techlink Entertainment was founded in Canada in 1994 by the Greek origin John Xidos. The company provides gaming services in the Canadian provinces and is currently in discussions to provide the responsible gaming technology to the USA, Australia, the Caribbean and European countries like Greece and Cyprus. It is a platinum member of the Gaming Standard Association and was named the number one fastest growing company in Atlantic Canada.