Management Team

John Xidos – President and Chief Executive Officer
John Xidos is the founder of Techlink Entertainment International Ltd. (Techlink). A consummate entrepreneur and student of gaming, Mr. Xidos ventured into the gaming industry in the early 1980’s in a managerial role with a small-scale enterprise that he founded. Mr. Xidos quickly progressed into the video lottery market in the employ of a company that supplied video lottery products throughout Nova Scotia. Soon thereafter Mr. Xidos founded yet another company, Delta Games Inc. to capitalize on the rapid growth in the popularity of VLTs, during the early 1990s. Under his direction, Delta Games became the largest video lottery distributor in Nova Scotia, Canada in essentially an un-regulated marketplace.

As Canadian provincial governments grew more comfortable with the notion of provincially regulated gaming Mr. Xidos began to explore opportunities within this market. With video lottery still in a growth stage and Internet gaming showing its potential, he applied his considerable talent and industry know-how to next generation gaming opportunities. In 1994, Mr. Xidos established Techlink. In just over a decade he has advanced Techlink from a relatively non-descript upstart to one of the fastest growing and most technologically innovative gaming products and service providers in the industry. And he has done so, despite the particular challenges of penetrating a regulated marketplace and navigating a complex and acutely demanding landscape.

Rubin Binder – Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Binder has worked with companies such as Motorola, and Voice Mobility Inc as well as the Federal (Canadian Coast Guard) and Provincial Governments (Finance and the Attorney General’s Office), provides a strong practical experience with a high regard for security and mission critical systems. Throughout his career he has made several accomplishments in research, design, manufacturing, and customer service which includes wireless spread-spectrum radio control systems, board-level design of video capture systems, wide area network deployment, telecommunications systems installations, custom firmware, and embedded systems design. Mr. Binder joined Techlink Entertainment in 2001, and now leads the Company’s Hardware Systems Development department. He is responsible for the conceptual design of hardware solutions, development of schematic designs, and the physical build of the product.

Dave Leonard – Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Leonard, a native of Ontario, has over 15 years of progressive experience in a manufacturing environment servicing the pharmaceutical and consumer goods market. After graduation with his Engineering degree from Lakehead University, David has held senior roles in large publicly traded multinational companies and medium sized privately held firms.

David has extensive start up, growth expansion, turnaround engineering, and business management experience. In addition to his P.Eng, Mr. Leonard also holds an MBA from Queen’s School of Business and is a Certified Management Accountant. Mr. Leonard joined Techlink in March 2009 as Chief Financial Officer and leads the Company’s finance and operations teams.

Robert MacKenzie – VP Business Innovation
Robert MacKenzie began his career in 1987 when he founded Bay Industrial & Mine Tech Inc. (BayTech), an electronics research, development, and manufacturing company in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Mr. MacKenzie was responsible for the invention of two core technologies from which more than 20 products have been commercialized. Mr. MacKenzie has considerable experience in the areas of electronic and mechanical manufacturing and design, quality control, marketing and sales. Mr. MacKenzie began his tenure at Techlink as the Project Manager and held the post of Chief Operating Officer in 2002 to complete the commercialization process of the Performer™ VLT, and his current position as VP Business Innovation.

Leanne MacKenzie – VP Sales
Ms. MacKenzie began her professional career at the Technology Enterprise Centre in 1997, where she provided marketing and business mentoring services to eight technology companies.  In 2001 she joined Techlink to assist in building the Human Resources, Operations, and Finance teams.  She has been instrumental in implementing and administering all HR practices.  Leanne has participated in the execution and monitoring of the company’s capital financing and has also been the principle liaison between the company and its legal council.  As well, she has been involved in the development of the company’s collateral, business plan, client relations, and market research.  Ms. MacKenzie’s current focus is Business Development and Sales.  She is directly involved in positioning Techlink’s products and services with lottery operators and regulators around the World.

Bernard Vince – Director Systems Development
Bernard Vince is well known in regards to developing and integrating complex real-time software during his thirty years of engineering expertise, working in both in the United Kingdom and Canada. In the UK, he worked for EMI Medical as a Software Team Leader, designing software for the pioneering medical diagnostic aid, the “CAT Scanner”. During his twelve-year stay at Leigh Instruments in Ottawa as project leader, he developed Mission Critical products like the world class “Space Vision System”, which is now used on both the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. In January 1990, Mr. Vince came to Sydney to run the Microwave Landing Systems (MLS) programs, defined by the International Civil Aviation Organization as the future landing system of choice. MLS is a phase array aperture radar technology controlled by real-time software. As Project Director, he was responsible for the development and management of a new generation MLS, which was an $83 million dollar contract for Transport Canada. Mr. Vince joined Techlink in 2003, and currently operates as Director Systems Development.

Terrie MacIntyre – Director of Client Services
Ms. MacIntyre comes to Techlink Entertainment after spending 20 years with the largest communications provider in Atlantic Canada, Aliant. The majority of her career was spent in the Customer Service where she was responsible for the development of employees and ensuring customer satisfaction results. In this role, Terrie was responsible for developing extensive training programs focussed on presentation skills, documentation skills, customer service strategy, project management, and on-line training courses. Ms. MacIntyre holds certificates in a number of areas including a Masters Certificate in Business Planning and Certified Business Analysis. Her extensive experience in Customer Support, Employee Training complimented with her passion for customers will ensure an exceptional customer experience for Techlink’s customers.