Responsible Gaming

Gaming is intended to be fun and entertaining.  Most people enjoy gaming without problems.   However, a small portion of gamblers has a difficult time managing their gambling habits.

Gaming has grown exponentially globally.  As a result, there are various pressures to minimize the number of problem gamblers and the negative social effects that problem gamblers may cause.

Regulators recognize the need to address these pressures.  As a result, systems have been developed with the hopes of achieving an effective compromise between the revenue interests of the jurisdictions and the welfare of players.

Responsible Gaming technologies can mitigate the risks associated with problem gamblers.   Techlink’s Responsible Gaming system, Gameplan™, exceeds current industry standards and enhances game play by empowering players to exercise self-control.  Our technology allows jurisdictions to improve and even expand gambling programs with the use of smart cards and biometrics.  Responsible Gaming in both supervised and unsupervised environments has never been more attainable.

The first step in limiting problem gambling is to educate people that gamble. The next step is to provide gamblers with tools they can use to limit their play.

The best system possible is one that provides people with:

  • Information about their own play (how much they have won or lost, and how much they have played)
  • Tools they can use to limit their play restricting time and/or money (before, during, and in-between their sessions)
  • One that limits people from circumventing the system
  • One that protects people’s privacy