The Performer™’s powerful platform thrills players as a single or multi-game machine loaded with exciting games from Techlink’s library. The slim and sleek look is designed for comfort and supports single or dual screens with two cabinet options.  Equipped with a best-in-class surface acoustic wave touchscreen and superior sound system, the Performer™ provides a great sensory experience.

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Advanced engineering allows for tool free interchangeable components, unsurpassed security, and service in a snap.  The Performer™ is the real deal for both players and operators.


Technical Features

Dimensions (without base or candle light)
Height: 54.5”
Width: 20.5”
Depth: 17.25”

Power requirements
North American: 120 VAC 3A 60 Hz
Temperature Range
Operating: 0°C to 38°C (32° F to 100° F)
Storage: -2°C to 49°C (28°F to 120°F)

Chrome or powder coat painted door
Dual or single cabinet door
Electronic security switches on all doors

Round or square top box

Size: 19” LCD (50 cm)
Optional secondary 17” LCD top box
Resolution: 800 X 600
Touch screen: Built-in Surface Acoustic Wave

1 GHz Intel M
Compact Flash Storage
Battery back access detection security system
Stereo CD quality sound

Additional Features
Three hard (physical) buttons
Industry standard bill acceptors , JCM UBA & CashCode FL
Up to eight hard meters
Uninterruptible power supply for polite shut down
LED artwork lighting

Optional Features
Industry standard coin acceptor, NRI and Microcoin
Thermal Printer, TITO or Roll

Communications Options
RS 232
RS 422/485