Recognized internationally as a leading Responsible Gaming system, the Gameplan™ system is proven to be effective in helping players manage their play.  It’s unique features include; Account Summary, Self-Limitation, Self-Exclusion, and Play Limits provides players with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions about their gaming behavior. 

The Gameplan™ system is a player and machine centric system, which provides benefits for both the player and the operator.  Gameplan™ offers an easy-to-integrate 'plug and play' device that communicates with our central system that monitors and controls Responsible Gaming features. 

The Sogoro central system links into all machines in a jurisdiction.  Once a player sets a limit, that limit applies to every connected gaming machine across an entire jurisdiction.

The Gameplan™ card is the current system of choice for creating unique player enrollment and tracking in a particular jurisdiction.  The cards themselves are physically the same as most plastic cards people currently have for accessing money, memberships, or loyalty programs.  The look of the cards, however, can be customized for a particular location or geographic reason.  This allows the card itself to be used to further branding and product awareness for operators.

Some of the key elements of the system are:

  • Anonymous enrollment in under 30 seconds (unsupervised);
  • Players can limit their play by either time constraints or money constraints;
  • Reports breakdown all gambling by individuals;
  • Reports for operators can show how many people gamble;
  • Tracks real money played by in real time; and
  • Tracks time played on machines in real time.

Product Sheet


The best way we can help people play responsibly is to provide players with the best information they can get when they need it. The Responsible Gaming Device provides this information and in effect, acts like a seatbelt for players, keeping gaming fun for everyone.

Anonymous Player Enrollment
The enrollment process is easy and confidential.  Once a player provides proof of age to the operator, they receive a card and select a Personal Identification Number. The entire process takes about 90 seconds.  The card then provides access to every RGD feature and gaming machine in the jurisdiction.

Individual Account Summaries

This is the player’s reality check.  This feature provides up to the second information about money wagered, won, and lost. The account summary allows players to look beyond a single session of gambling and see the money spent over a day, week, month, and year.  Players often remember big wins or losses, however, remembering total spending is much more difficult.  The Player Account Summary makes players aware of their spending habits and allows them to take control.

This feature on the RGD allows players to quickly and definitively exclude themselves from play on every machine in the jurisdiction.  This stop sign icon is accessible in almost every screen for quick access and once selected cannot be changed.  Players exclude themselves from play for a 24, 48, or 72 hour time period with a touch of a screen.

Play Limits
This option allows players to select when they want to block themselves from using the gaming machines on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.  This allows people to lock themselves out from gambling for example:  on cheque week, on Sundays, on holidays, or during other specific times.  Limiting when a person can play a machine is a very effective way to help them reduce the amount of time they spend gambling.

Self-Imposed Money Limits
Only spending what you can afford to lose is the key to responsible gambling.  Players have the ability to set their spending limits over a given period of time. If the spending limit is reached, the system will immediately lock the user out.  The lockout applies to all machines in the jurisdiction until a player is within their limit again. This budgetary tool allows players to gain control of their spending.


How it Works

Enrollment Process
The enrollment process is quick and easy—it can take less than 1 minute.  Players can even proceed without any operator involvement.  Five easy steps is all it takes to enroll as a new player and begin using the Gameplan™ system.

  • Obtain a new Gameplan™ Player Card;
  • Swipe it through the card reader on the side of the enrollment unit;
  • Swipe your driver’s license or other registered ID;
  • Key in a Personal Identification Number (PIN); and
  • Start using the card.

The enrollment process registers a unique user identity to the card and its play is tracked from that point forward.  If a user loses their card they can simply swipe a new card and continue on without any account hiccups.

Operator / Jurisdiction Benefits

Gameplan™ is proven to be effective in helping players manage their play.  Jurisdictions and operators benefit from implementing a system that helps safeguard against problem gambling and the associated liabilities jurisdictions now face globally.   Gameplan™ is easy to integrate into current electronic gaming machines and easy to adopt for players.

  • Enrollment Features
  • Quick enrollment process
  • Anonymous player enrollment
  • No operator required in process
  • Easy to replace lost or stolen cards
  • Accounts are tracked to users not cards
  • Card activation is instant

Advantages of Player Centric Card Based Systems

  • Branding for the system
  • Easy enrollment process
  • Add on features for many continued new features
  • Card based programs are commonplace and widely accepted
  • Clear session start/finish points
  • Economical solution
  • Proven integration with machines
  • Works well in both wide area and casino environments

Jurisdictional Management

  • Reporting
  • Track player data
  • Track Machine/Game data
  • Push PR/Advertising
  • Interactive console
  • Track operator activities

Player Enrollment

  • Anonymous enrollment
  • Very fast
  • No duplication
  • Easy adoption
  • Easy replacement
  • Options for local/visitor

Central System Managed

  • Adaptable for all Machines
  • Infinitely Expandable
  • Easy to Grow Feature List
  • Centrally managed features
  • Player Centric
  • Puts info in player’s hands
  • Puts tools in player’s hands
  • Insurance policy for operators and jurisdictions