Investor Relations

 Techlink represents a significant market opportunity.  Recognized globally for its venture into Responsible Gaming technologies, Techlink is poised to be the foremost company in Responsible Gaming globally.

In 2006, $1.5 Trillion USD was gambled worldwide with a net revenue of just over $200B USD. The market has moved away from being primarily unregulated to a highly controlled source of revenue for governments globally. Much like the Tobacco industry, it is no longer socially responsible to generate revenue (through taxes or otherwise) from people with addiction problems. Therefore, governments and operators are now being sued on a regular basis for personal and financial losses incurred as a result of gambling addictions. 
Techlink’s Gameplan™ is positioned as the most effective and only proven responsible gaming solutions in the marketplace. Three research firms have recommended implementing the Gameplan™ after analyzing data collected during a comprehensive 2 year live trial with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation (ALC). This resulted in the province of Nova Scotia issuing an RFP for this solution for which Techlink was selected as the winner in November 2008.
Techlink is forecasting rapid sales growth in the next 24 months. The company anticipates that current discussions with strategic partners will evolve into new business opportunities. In addition, there are several other jurisdictions reviewing the responsible gaming initiative. Techlink has been in discussions with many of these and they include: New Zealand, Atlantic Canada, Greece, Quebec, Virgin Islands, Oklahoma, and Oregon to name a few.
For further information on investing in Techlink Entertainment, contact:
Mr.John Xidos
President & CEO