Techlink Answers the Call from Down-Under

May 28, 2009

(Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada) - Techlink Entertainment, a pioneer in Responsible Gaming technologies, announced today it has responded to Victoria, Australia’s requirement for a central monitoring system with Responsible Gaming.  The response is in association with one of the world's largest leading gaming technology providers.

 The State of Victoria’s request outlines some of the responsible gaming features offered by Techlink’s Gameplan system, such as providing players with game play information about how much money has been won or lost, allowing players to set spend limits, or even lock themselves out for specific days and timeframes. 

 “Australia represents a significant sales opportunity for Gameplan,” says John Xidos, President and CEO.  “As more jurisdictions recognize the importance and necessity of player protection, they continue to look to Techlink,” he said.

 Australia is following Canada’s lead in having a focus on adopting Responsible Gaming initiatives.  One mandate of the State is to provide and maintain a network-wide central monitoring system with Responsible Gambling features.  If successful, Gameplan™ will be deployed on 27,500 of the approximately 250,000 gaming machines throughout Australia.

 Techlink has spent the last decade developing gaming technologies that provide the player with entertainment and a Responsible Gaming solution.   Gameplan™ is soon to be deployed across Nova Scotia--the first gaming jurisdiction to implement the technology on nearly 3,000 machines.

 Gameplan™ is an unrivaled card-based, player protection technology that is proven to be effective in mitigating player risks by providing players with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions to play responsibly. 




About Techlink Entertainment

Established in 1994, Techlink is headquartered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. It recognized internationally for its ground-breaking work in developing a responsible gaming solution that is proven to provide players with the information and tools they need to play responsibly.  Techlink’s core product line is Gameplan™ which is currently being deployed on every VLT in Nova Scotia.  Recognized as one of the fastest growing enterprises in Atlantic Canada, Techlink employs 80 engineers, programmers, system designers, graphic artists, marketing and sales personnel and administrative personnel.  The Company holds patent rights to its proprietary responsible gaming technology in several jurisdictions around the world.



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